Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Work my mind off yet not having what I wanted
sleep it all off and I still feel so fucking tired
have I lied, you’d see it in my eyes
Never mind, that just means I’ve tried

thoughts I hold
so I was told
if I make it up
I’d comfort myself

Caring not what happens I mean whose there to hear it
no one knew my thoughts about you were just what could haves
Now I care, just from where I am
slowly feed this bitter taste to you  

Truth betold
So I’m not that old
Should I do what’s ‘right’
I’m in no spotlight

Telling everybody that values aren’t feelings
remind me now tell me why I’m the one whose hurting?
so alive, with curiosity
afraid to die when actualizing it

Who will ever know?
 I’m not so old.

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