Tuesday, January 7, 2014

what's 'right'

i don't know what's 'right' for me or anyone else, but i do know how to keep myself sane and alive (i think).

when it comes to music i believe that it should be about embracing everyones individuality and message through their respective musics.

however i'm a young man making young man music and all these kids around me are in very obvious ways trying to flex through the act of making music.

i don't wish to flex, but rather make something that is true to me. ultimately this leads to 'automatic' flexing, if the music is 'superior'.

By 'superior' I mean it represents the musicians intent more clearly.

sure, taste and interest is subjective, but mastery of an art regardless of the aesthetic is comparable. the comparison is not really needed, because again, the core idea of music is to embrace the music as opposed to the music in relationship to related musics and it's social sphere.

but such thinking is also idyllic and unrealistic because one's enjoyment of music is based around context. my personal context is one of a hormonal young man who obviously has something to prove. if this encompasses inferiority and uncertainty, it only means i need to represent it clearer through my music instead of attempting to dispel or repress it.

 it's something that i feel should be embraced (at this age bracket) rather than rejected; the calming of ego and athleticism in music will subside with age (i believe) but for now I will let it take me as far as possible, pursuing a personal truth through such a lense.

perhaps this may seem ignorant but i believe that I can represent these feelings musically - if i can create music that is convincing of a perspective (emotionally) then it is valid. and i don't think it's bad for me.

I don't feel corrupted but I definitely don't feel pure in intentions at all times and my being is constantly in flux, often times full of character and other times despicable. i will look for a truth through a particular lense now.

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